A day for the rising stars

Girl…… You got more to show. You are no less of who you are. This day, I join the world to celebrate the girl child. Step out, see who you are. Be strong, powerful, deserving and stand out to enjoy the unlimited opportunity the world render at your feet.

Love from fiyinfoluwa πŸ’œ


You and your education πŸ”°πŸ’„πŸŽ“

Hello! How are y’all? Happy resumption to all students. Greater heights I pray in this new session. I will be sharing with you, importance of education and nuggets that hinge on education.

life, as it is today is as a result of what we know and application of what we’ve known. The scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on, practice what they’ve been taught and through such learning, they have been a blessing one way or the other. Also, I define education as the process of impacting knowledge. In other words, the process of learning either formally or informally. In our society, everyone is learning whether at school or workplace, we all learn at one point or the other.

But today, I will share more on how we can effectively acquire certain heights in our place of education.

Be ready to learn

Make good use of your time

Don’t slack, put more effort

Get to understand what you are reading

Learn to familiarize yourself with your mates(seek help when you need to )

All these are good but they can be awesome if you can apply these things, you will see great results. Well, I believe the fact that to do is to become. You want to be an ‘A’ straight student, you have to spend more time with your books and less time with frivolities. I engage myself with reading my books with purpose. What I mean is every book I’m reading has the purpose of reading such books, so I’m imploring you to read with purpose of being an high-flying Student.

Here are some nuggets.

Learning can be fun, if you are ready to know about the fun

We are not born equal but we are taught equally

Check yourself and do the same thing in an extraordinary way and see the difference

There is always something to know about everything

Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done

I hope have been able to clear certain things. Always have this in mind, there is nothing you want to know that you can know unless you are willing to know more. Get ready, set goals and be a go getter.

I support the fact that education is light πŸ’‘

I advocate reading culture

I advocate quality education.


You and your family πŸ‘ͺ

Hello girls. Trust you are having a great weekend?
I will be writing a piece you are familiar with. It is my pleasure to address a common term, you all know and that’s FAMILY.
A Family is a group of people that are related by blood, marriage or adoption . In other words, a family can be described as a group of persons who are closely related, living in a household and performing various responsibilities in which they interact by being accountable to each other as regards their relationship.
There are two basic types of family namely : the nuclear family and the extended family.
Every member of the family has different responsibilities to perform in the home.

There are also different ways a family member contribute to the family, The father provides for the family; The mother is responsible for raising the children by teaching good values, Also, the children are to obey their parents. Moreover, every family members have definite roles to play since everybody belongs to a family.

I will cite examples below.
Family is a gift. How do you feel when a present is giving to you on normal days or festive season? The answer is you feel happy and surprise especially when the gift is special, that is how family can be. Imagine the love, care, bond, pains, laughter you share during the worst days and best days. You would want to relive those moments because it shows who they are and their capacity, who you are and your ability. All these memorable experience worth it. The relationships, values, needs, meal time, evening gathering devotion explains the family life and the importance placed on these things.
Another thing to take note, there is no perfect family because family is made up of people that are not perfect. However, there’s always a chance to get better at the family gathering.

In addition, I also describe family as a wrapped gift, presented to you, the state of your mind is full of cheers, all you want to do is see what you have got, so as family. You are always looking forward to seeing your family, spending time together. You also get to know more about your family when you open up, talk about your challenges, share your thoughts, advice, valuables and plans. All these things helps family bonding and strengthen family relationships.
Family is God’s original idea to carry out his redemptive plan on earth. But before this can happen effectively the family must enjoy good relationship, health and so on.This is another great weekend to live out God’s purpose for the family, let’s plan the day and look forward for a nice time with our family. Hope you do have a splendid weekend.

#gap girls 🌼#family goalsπŸ’ž


You and your being

Hello girls πŸ‘—πŸ‘’πŸ‘ πŸ‘› I bring to you another interesting series. This particular one is unique and I will be an example. My writeup is all about my self and has a little bit of amazing facts. I will be sharing this to encourage you and to show you how wonderful you are to humanity.

Note this, you are not a girl to fill gender space but created to be a gender with a difference. Before I move on, don’t you think your creation is distinct, a girl is equal to a boy, I’m not a feminist but stressing on the abilities both genders Share, both genders are encumbered with great characteristics that makes each uniqueness of their being.

So here’s my chat. I am a young adult. I have a feminine physique that means I am a female. God created me to be different among other creations ,though I have special features that makes me distinct from other living creatures because I am human. Isn’t that amazing?
Here’s another, things about me are precious, what I possess are good and they work well to proclaim the goodness of God. I exist to show off how mighty the creator was, not only that but to occupy the purpose he had carved out for me so as to to fit in perfectly and to become what he wants to be. Don’t you feel convince that I am a wonderful being.

Here’s what I have to say to you, you are God’s creation that carries the features God had in mind when he was behind the scenes. He formed you to be wonderful, inclusive of beautiful work of art,imbued with limitless and enduring possibilities coupled with surpassing strengths. All that, just for you, that’s an earthen treasure.

The following words, I want you to read with your full attention.
You exist for a reason, and reason is being a female, be yourself, you belong to a world, don’t hide in a shell,the world is waiting for your manifestation. All that matters is you, when you allow negativity to come in, then you are losing the facts you are a wonderful being. Life is full of contradictions, yes it is but it is full of hope if we take a step forward to discover more you can do with life. I can tell you more but this is where I will stop.

live life in God’s fear, Live up to your potential, being a feminine and all that it encompasses is a beautiful thing. Be the happy go girl β™₯β™₯ β™₯


Get it right (series 1)

Hello girls. This is the concluding part of series 1. The word “you” makes me thinking for weeks. I just don’t want to present the long write ups but a well precise and applicable one. I had to look inward,do some checks about myself and what I am about to write to you comes from my insides. I am not emphasing that but I will stress on the facts that makes you who you are and who you should be. Well, yeah it might be a long process but girls, it saves you a lot of heartaches and also preserve your humanity.Being the real YOU is a deliberate process, yes it is true people tends to make or mar the self you portray but you don’t have to lend them the chance.Here are some things to look out for in yourself.

Your words

Your words are expression of you. Words come from your inner self. Firstly, we think of what to say. Secondly, we attempt to speak it, then finally, we have spoken what’s on our minds. Words are like broken egg that cannot be put together anymore, that is why it is necessary to always speak good things. Words can be spoken or written, but it is well you always watch your words, pause and weigh your words. The words of a person is actually that person.

Your Character

Your character are reflections of you. Your character goes a long way in telling who you are. Let’s take for example, a person who has never talk to you could be able to tell you who you are by your character, not so much but little. The word CHARACTER distinguishes you from other people. The society we are present character as a big deal and appreciates such a person who has a good reputation. Being humble is an example, it only shows your sound character.

Your Behaviour

Your behaviour is no less of you. It is part of what you are. Your behaviours are your actions, and more so action speaks louder than voice. Your behaviours also reveal your values, and values expressed who you are. Having the right behaviours takes you far than you can imagine. Whatever you are doing, do it well. It leaves a print of who you are. Thank you, excuse me and I am sorry, gives us a picture of who you are.

Your Expression

Your Expression is what you are. Expression matters a lot, perception goes along with an homely facial appearance and also a stunning posture. Not only that, a good dress sense makes it modest. Your expression gives an account of what you are, whether a gracious kind or disgusting one. learn to express yourself well and impress people about you from your external outlook. This costs nothing big, but place a value on the outside because it speaks volumes of you.

There are so many things that I have missed but I want us to take note of this : changes around You begins with you, so read, learn, share and be a change.

Thank you

love from Fiyinfoluwa πŸ’œ

photo credit : Alfred darling art gallery


Morning on the go!

Did you know?

Having an healthy personal hygiene keeps you on the go.

Good morning, hope you slept well?

A Good personal hygiene is important in your everyday life. It should be number one priority. You should not put it on the least, the more you create a good hygiene plan, the less you have to fight battles with germs, yeah! It is the truth. Cleanliness prevents disease.

So stepping out on a Monday morning, after your routine care about yourself, you will experience a lasting impression on the fact that you are clean. This is what a good hygiene does, first,you look fresh and smelling good. Second, you feel comfortable with whatever you are putting on. Lastly, you are presentable and attractive!

So why don’t you give a try, just so you can have a wonderful and evergreen Monday.

Do have a pleasant week. 🌻

#stay healthy always πŸ‘Š